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This is a listing of names that are unplaced, not fully documented, etc., compiled in an effort to find and verify likely paternity for unplaced Shasteen and Chastain family members, at this time focused on my line, thus the focus on the very early years. Much of the information was initiated from the "Otter" book initially

For the placement of
James "Buff" Shasteen and contemporaries, with his estimated b at pre 1727, placement could potentially include::

       Adoption from a relative or close friend
       Son of another line altogether, perhaps the misspelling of a Christian, Shelton, or Shasted (Kent England names found) or what not
            Various Other Shasteen/Chastain Names primarily Chastain variations
            Shasteen Name Variations Research primarily Shastead, Shasted, Shastid, primarily Kent, England
       Son of a non-Pierre (b 1659 d 1728) male Chastain like Stephen Chastain or Isaac Chastain below
       Unnamed son of Pierre Chastain (b 1659 d 1728)
       Unnamed son of first known son of Pierre,
John (Jean Adam) Chastain (b 1721 d 1807)
       Unnamed son of second known son of Pierre, Peter (Pierre) Chastain  (b 1707 d aft 1775)
       Not an unnamed son of third known son of Pierre, Rene Chastain (b est 1713 d 1786)

For the placement of
James "J River" Shasteen and James "Pedlar" and brother Jesse Shasteenconsideration would be more extensive, including adoption, but based on estimated birth dates, would  be an extremely wider range of possibilities than for their father, including men such as Isaac Chastain below, as well as numerous other Chastain men.

Initially, I will start with attempts to develop information  upon likely placements for births in the 1720 -1740 time frame as that would cover James "Buff" b est circa 1727 and a contemporary, as well as familiarizing myself with the potential placement for James "J River" and James "Pedlar" and brother Jesse b circa 1755-1761

Information on Pierre & Confirmed Descendants

Name Estimated DOB / DOD


Pierre Chastain
     the father
1659-1728 Pierre Chastain Lineage  includes parentage for Pierre from Pierre Chastain and His Descendants Vol I
Pierre Chastain Notes
John (Jean Adam) Chastain
     first known son of Pierre
1670-1761 John (Jean Adam) Chastain Lineage
John (Jean Adam) Chastain Notes 
Peter (Pierre) Chastain
     second known son of Pierre
1707-1775 Peter (Pierre) Chastain Lineage
Peter (Pierre) Chastain Notes
Rene Chastain
     third known son of Pierre
1713-1786 Rene Chastain Lineage
Rene Chastain Notes

Information on Pierre's Other Descendants

Name Estimated DOB / DOD Comments
Francois Chastain Lineage
pre 1600 - est circa aft 1630 Francois Chastain Lineage Source of information from Chastain_Francois_Desc_frmMillerApr2008.pdf PAF file output provided by Darrell Miller in 2008
Note: Pierre's parentage is well documented at the beginning of his lineage page.. This is an exercise while looking for James "Buff" Shasteen parentage.
Various Other Shasteen/Chastain Names Collection in process Information about other names that is not so extensive, in name order.
Stephen Chastain Notes 1690-1751 Stephen Chastain Lineage Contemporary of and believed to be possibly distantly related to Pierre Chastain b 1659, little known of lineage and descendants.
Isaac Chastain Notes 1734 - 1782/86 Generally placed as son of Pierre's third known son Rene, little documentation
James "Buff" Shasteen 1725/30 - 1793/1832 Potential father to James "Pedlar" and his brother Jesse Shasteen, or to James "J River" Shasteen
James "Pedlar" Shasteen and
   brother Jesse Shasteen
1761 - 1841
1755 - 1841
The lines of these two men are well documented as having originated in Amherst Co., VA circa 1785 and moved to Madison Co., KY circa 1792 and 1791 respectively. Have my own PAF files for both men as well as pdf files from another ardent researcher of their lines. Much has also been done by Joy Gallagher on the Jesse Shasteen line which can be read at:
Chastain Central
       James Shasteen, brother of Jesse Shasteen
       Jesse Shasteen / Chastain, by Joy Gallagher
James J River Shasteen 1755/60 - 1813/1819 Descendent lines well documented by myself and others starting in VA progressing thru OH to other states..



Various Other Shasteen/Chastain Names primarily Chastain variations
Shasteen Name Variations Research
primarily Shastead, Shasted, Shastid, primarily Kent, England


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