Areas Of Expertise


RDShasteen Consulting, working with members of our client organizations, conducts a preliminary needs review. These review(s) are conducted in two distinct phases. These are briefly described below:

During the "Assessment Phase," the review team, working closely with client personnel, documents client issues and provides a summary of recommendations to client management for consideration and approval.

The "Implementation Phase" begins with the development of comprehensive project workplans, which are developed for all client approved actions. A management process is implemented to ensure project success. This process includes management meetings and escalation procedures for key issue resolution. RDS's consultants work with client personnel to implement all actions. In the end, our clients benefit from RDS's experience in identifying opportunities and in implementation management while maintaining control and overall responsibility for the project's success.

Accounting Support Services

RDShasteen's consultants have participated in many different aspects of accounting functions and have the ability to work smoothly and efficiently with client personnel in accomplishing client objectives.

Forensic Accounting Support Services

RDS's teams of consultants have participated in many of the largest forensic accounting investigations in banking history. We are experienced in all aspects of forensic accounting investigations as a result of these experiences.


Our associates bring methodology and functional know-how to each assignment. RDS client's benefit by having a team of experienced consultants who are knowledgeable and experienced. RDS consultants bring this valuable resource to your organization and provide efficient and dependable support to your staff.

No matter how you decide to engage RDS Consulting, you will be enlisting a group of professionals who are dedicated, highly motivated and experienced.

Consulting firms are valuable to clients for supplying two things: methodology and experience. RDS uses proven methodology for each of the main expertise areas and employs consultants with industry and functional experience.