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Virginia Property Tax Roll Research and Some Findings on Colonial LawsSee for details on personal property tax info
     Virginia Deed and Tax Research from Primary Research.pdf updated Mar 2014

1744 Albemarle County formed from Goochland County
1747 Mar
- Reny Shatteen guardian of James Sublett in Albemarle Co
    (could this possibly be a James that took the Shasteen name?)
Aug - James Sharstead witness to sale of 580 A in Albemarle Co
1749 Jan - Eliza & Jas Sharsted mentioned in sale of 200 a Benj Mims to Wm Cabell in Albemarle (De-1-217)
(should recheck this, James b 2 Mar 1815 said to have come to napoleon Twp in 1826 w/ parents James and Frances)
1749 Apr - James Shastood 150 Acre land Grant in Albemarle (571-572)
51 Nov - James Jr., Sharstead 150 Acre sale to Wm Cabell in Albemarle (De-1-361)
61 - Amherst County formed from Albemarle County
1761 - James Shasted owned 150 A in Albemarle
  Rockbridge County formed from Augusta and Botetourt Counties

1782 Apr 18
- James Shasteen marries Phoebe Padgett
- Jesse Shasteen and wife Elinor and Elizabeth Wade sold 50 A to Puckett
  (this is the Jesse that moved with his assumed brother James to  KY circa 1790-1791, see personal property tax analysis)
1789 - James Nowland 60 A to James Shastead (Amherst Land Tax Partitions of Land)
1799 Jun
- Jas Shastead 100 A from Ambrowe Gatewood (Amherst De-H-159)
James & Phoebe were listed in the US Virginia Amherst Co., VA Census
1810 Robert listed in the US Virginia Rockbridge Co., VA Census
1810 Robert and Edmond listed in Rockbridge Co., VA Personal Property Tax Rolls and in 1811 James appears (Per Rittinger)
James, William and John last listed in Amherst Co., VA Personal Property Tax Rolls
1811 Aug
- James and Robert Shasteen appt guardian for Patsey (common nickname for Martha) Chaskin (Shasteen)
could this be the Martha b est 1797/1800 in the 1830 Scioto Township, Ross Co, OH census?
1812 James Sr., & Edmond last listed in Amherst Co., VA Personal Property Tax Rolls
1812 May - James Shastead, Sen 130 A to John & R. S Ellis recorded in Oct 1832 in Amherst Co. (Amherst Deed Book v U pg 117)
1812 Sep - James Shartead, Jr & wife Phoebe 100 A to John & Richard Ellis (Amherst Deed Book v M-380)
     (transfer Oct 1812 per Sep 1832 Circuit Court, see below)
1812 Shastaen, William Chester appears on Gallia Co. Chattel Tax Rolls.

1813 John Shasteen of Gallia Co. (1) married Anna Whitten Apr 1813 in Gallia Co. (2) War of 1812 Veteran served as a
     private under Captain John Roadannour's Mounted Company (from Gallia Co.) which served from Aug 1, to Sep 4, 1813
1814 per ASHORC pg 918, "Robert Shasteen brought his family to Ohio in 1814, when his son James was seven years of age. 
     They settled in Ross County, and ...James Shasteen grew up in the county, and after reaching manhood engaged in farming."
1814 Feb - Abner Shasteen born OH, d 18 Feb 1863 b Springbank Evans Cemetery, Corwin Twp, Logan Co., IL
research Logan Co to see if an obit available, living with Edward b 1817 son of Robert b est 1781 in 1860
After 1817 - no Shasteens in Rockbridge
     (Per Rittinger Check to see specifically who and when, did Rittenger mean they were there until 1816?)
1816-1818 Edward, James, & Robert on Gallia Co. land tax rolls
1818 Jul - Franky Shasteen married Nathaniel Holly in Gallia Co. (Franky common nickname for Frances)
1818 All five brothers appear on Gallia Co. chattel tax rolls, only John, Robert & William appear in 1819
1819 Apr
- Gallia Co. Dead letter advertised for Robert Shasteen -
1819 John, Robert & William last appear on Gallia Co. chattel tax rolls – James & Edmund gone
1820 Apr
 Gallia Co. Dead letters advertised for William Shasteen & Ephraim Hobbs

Union, Ross Co. Census – James, John, & Robert (No Edmund or William located and do not appear to be with these three)
1821 Jan 21 - Gallia Co. James Clastin (assumed John Shasteen as Clastin and derivations not found) married Susan Campbell
1822 Oct - Thomas Powell Richard Tinsley for widow and heirs of Isaac Tinsley to Jesse Reynolds in Amherst (De-S-246)
 Lines include James Shasted - could this indicate James still alive and living in Amherst?
1823 Jul -  Ross Co. – Edmund married Susana Whitten
1826 - James Shasteen b 2 Mar 1815 in Rockbridge Co. d VA  29 Dec 1887
     Came to Richland Twp in 1826, son of James and Francis Shasteen per county history
1826 Jun - Ross Co – Mary A. Shasteen married Andrew Ewing
1827 - 1837- Henry Co chattel records for Edward and William

1827 Jan 18 - Ross Co – Sarah Shasteen (Robert’s daughter) married Ephraim Hobbs
1827 Jun - Pike county (south of Ross Co.) land sold to Edward Shasteen
      1828 Judgment against William, James & Edmund Shasteen
1827 - William & Edward Shastine on Richland Twp, Henry Co. tax list (Also on 1837 Chattel tax list of Richland Twp, Henry Co)
1828 Jun - Ross Co – Sarah Shasteen (Robert’s daughter) married Thomas Sturgeon

1830 census Scioto Ross Co. Nancy (Robert’s wife), Martha (Jame’s presumed wife) 1830 Henry Co William & Edmund
1832 Sep - Circuit Sup court Ellis vs Davis and Shastead's in Amherst De pg 117 pertaining to Sp 1812 sale above
     (Names Robert, William, Edmund, Francis and Elizabeth as heirs at law of James Shastead dec'd)
*     could Francis be James widow? James b 2 Mar 1815 said to have come to Napoleon Twp in 1826 w/ parents James and Frances
could Francis be daughter who married Nathaniel Holy Jul 1818 in Gallia Co
1835 Sep - Edmund Shasteen Land purchase in Henry Co., OH
1835 Oct - William Shasteen land purchase in Henry Co., OH
1836 - Jacob and Alonzo Shasteen on tax listing in Independence, Henry Co., OH per Cameron Allen
1840's - Abner Chasteen in accounts of Kline's store in Yellowbud per Rittenger book Chapter 8

*1856 Aug - Elizabeth Shasteen widow d in Richland Twp, Defiance Co., OH (logical placement wife of William Shasteen b est 1786)


*Further research called for


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