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b 16 Mar 1841 Ross Co. OH, d 18 Oct 1916 Ross Co., OH


"Great Granddad with Third Wife circa 1880"

William Henry Harrison Shasteen and third wife Augusta Jane Sauerbrei
This picture was one of the few items my father received from his parents home when they died in an auto accident August 19, 1941 in which he was the driver. He rolled it up and stuck it inside a Santa Fe Railroad map and stuck it in his GI locker until I found it in the mid 1980's and had it framed.
Apparently Augusta did not want to raise his previous wife's children and they took a trip to Kansas and Colorado and indentured at least two of the children before coming home!
Picture is approximately 22 w x 17 h
The shop that framed it for me said it was some sort of photo portrait that was done in this period of time where the base picture is a photographic process and added on top of that is a
portraiture painting process of some sort.
Likely Namesake of William Henry Harrison

"Great Granddad — Family Reunion of 1911"

Click here for larger higher resolution picture

The photograph was taken in the summer or fall of 1911, obtained by Roberta Marie Nelson Shasteen, my mother, from William Cary Shasteen, son of John Logan & Edna Anna McCollister Shasteen
My father, George Donald Shasteen, is the baby in the middle row on the far right (looking at the picture.)
To see how all these folks are related, look at the bold names below and on the partial descendant list of James Shasteen Sr.

Persons names who are in the photo are bold, followed by approximate age at the time.

 Top Row left to right

Cary Wilson, est 31, married to DeLena "Lena" Eleanor Shasteen, subsequent child not shown, Reginald

Terence "Terry" Burns, 40, married to Nettie Mae Shasteen subsequent child not shown, Terence Lawrence

Edna Anna McCollister Shasteen, 23, married to John Logan "Logan" Shasteen, 26, son of of William Henry & third wife Augusta Jane, child William Cary Shasteen

Rowena Ebenhack Shasteen, 26, holding Terry B. Shasteen, 2, married to James William "William" Shasteen, 30, son of William Henry Harrison & Augusta

Viola Shasteen Reynolds, est 30, daughter of William Henry Harrison & third wife Augusta Jane, married to Robert Reynolds, 30, subsequent children were Oscar, Opal Eleaner, Ruth Ester, Mary Elizabeth, J. Carroll, Lois Belle, Gerald Wayne & Joan Rosella Reynolds  

Middle Row left to right

DeLena "Lena" Eleanor Shasteen Wilson, 32, daughter of William Henry & third wife Augusta Jane, married to Cary Wilson, holding Helen Rebecca Wilson, 1

Nettie Mae Shasteen Burns, 37, daughter of William Henry Harrison & first wife Mary G. Rowe, married to Terence Burns

William Sauerbrei, ?, Assumed to be the father or brother of Augusta Jane

Augusta Jane Sauerbrei Shasteen, 53, William Henry Harrison Shasteen's third wife & William Henry Harrison "Harrison" Shasteen, 70

Clara Ina Price Shasteen, 30, holding George Donald Shasteen, 1, Charles Harrison "Harry" Shasteen, 36, son of William Henry & first wife Mary  

Bottom Row left to right

Augusta Bell Wilson, 9, Ruth Wilson, ?, children of Cary & Delena Eleanor Shasteen Wilson

Doris Roe Burns, 5, Margueritte Agnes (Dolly) Burns, 9, Joeseph "Joe" Harrison Burns, 14, children of Terry & Nettie Mae Shasteen Burns

Esther Shasteen, 4, Beatrice Shasteen, 8, children of James & Rowena Ebenhack Shasteen William

Murl Harrison Shasteen, 11, Walter Everett (Bill) Shasteen, 8, Ralph Oliver Shasteen, 5, children of Clara Ina & Charles Harrison Shasteen

 "Great Granddad in1913"

Edna Shasteen
, William Henry Harrison Shasteen, John Logan Shasteen, and Carey Shasteen on horse
John Logan was William Henry Harrison's third child by his third wife.

 Augusta Sauerbrei Shasteen 1941


William Henry Harrison Shasteen (b 16 Mar 1841 Ross Co. OH, d 18 Oct 1916 Ross Co., OH b Springbank Cemetery Lot 46 owned by Harrison Shasteen) married his first wife Nancy E. Minear 12 Apr 1862 per marriage records of Chillicothe, OH, (b 5 Jun 1845 in OH, d 27 Nov 1864 Yellowbud Ross Co., OH, b Springbank Cemetery Lot 46 owned by Harrison Shasteen). Their descendants were:

Walter W. Shasteen (b Apr 1862 in Ross Co., OH per 1880 census, d after 1910 per census) married Louise (Loni) V. Hough on 24 Sep 1885 in Ross Co., OH (b est 1862 in OH, d 1900-1910 per census).

George H. (Hardy) Shasteen (b 14 Jun 1884 in Yellowbud, Ross Co. OH, d 28 Feb 1980 in La Junta, Otero Co., CO) married Maude Unknown and apparently had no children. Obituary from the La Junta Colorado Tribune Democrat Friday February 29 1980.George H. Shasteen, La Junta Medical Center Nursing Home, died there on Feb. 28 1980. He was 95. Mr. Shasteen was born in Yellow Bird, Ohio on June 14, 1884. He came to Colorado in 1905 and had made La Junta his home since that time. In his earlier years he worked for Santa Fe Railroad for a short time. For 20 years preceding his retirement, Shasteen had been employed by the city of La Junta. He was a former serviceman, and had been a member of the American Legion. Mr. Shasteen had no known relatives. Graveside services were held at 3 p.m., Friday, Feb. 29 with Chaplain Carl Rudy of La Junta medical Center, officiating.

Onna B. Shasteen
(b 20 Jun 1886 in Yellowbud, Ross Co., OH, d 1915-1920 KS buried Nortonville, KS Cemetery [Died in flu epidemic per son's wife Flora]) married Frances S. b 1893 per 1915 census. They had a daughter Cleone F. Shasteen b 1911 KS d aft 1993 b Nortonville KS married unknown Norton who had a daughter Kay Norton. They also had a son named Howard Oscar Shasteen (b 1914 KS per spouse per 1915 census d 1993 b Oakhill Cemetery, Atchison, KS) who married Flora Knecht in 1951 (b 18 Oct 1924) who had no children. And Onna and Frances had a third daughter Agnes C. Shasteen (b Oct 1889).

Clara J. Shasteen (b 1863 d 18 Sep 1864 in Ross Co., OH, b in Springbank Cemetery, Ross Co., OH?)


William Henry Harrison Shasteen married his second wife Mary G. or J. Rowe 24 Dec 1871 per marriage records of Chillicothe, OH, (b 25 Apr 1852 OH d 25 Sep 1877 near Yellowbud, Ross Co. OH, b. Springbank Cemetery, Yellowbud, Ross Co. OH lot 46 owned by Harrison Shasteen). Their descendants were:

Marion G. Shasteen (daughter) (b 1 Aug 1872, d 27 Sep 1872, b in Springbank Cemetery, Yellowbud, OH)

Nettie Mae Shasteen
(b 03 Jan 1874 in Yellowbud, Ross Co., OH, d 16 Jan 1961 in Newton, KS, b in Maple Grove Cemetery, Dodge City, KS)

Charles Harrison Shasteen
(b 10 Oct 1875 in Yellowbud, Ross Co. OH, d 18 Aug 1941 near Wray, Yuma Co. CO, b Cimarron Township Cemetery, Cimarron, Gray County, KS)

William Henry Harrison Shasteen married his third wife Augusta Jane Sauerbrei on 24 Feb 1878, Ross County, OH per Marriage Record of Chillicothe, OH, (b 22 Jul 1857 in Strofedorf, Germany,  d 11 Apr 1947 Pickaway County OH, b Springbank Cemetery, Ross Co., OH Lot #5 owned by Harrison Shasteen. Her parents were Johann Wilhelm Sauerbrei b Feb 1837 Germany and Theresa Dental b 6/23/1834 Germany, d. 1/13/1889 buried Cimarron Township Cemetery, Cimarron, Gray Co., KS). Their descendants were:

Delena Eleanor Shasteen (b 3 May 1879 d 30 Jun 1929) married Cary Wilson  5 Feb 1899 (b d )

James William “Willie” Shasteen
(b 30 Aug 1881 d 13 Jul 1974 b in Brown's Chapel Cemetery, Union Co. Ohio) married Rowena Ebenhack in 1902  (b 19 Dec 1885 in OH d 25 Sep 1965 in Circleville, Pickaway Co OH b in Brown's Chapel Cemetery)

John Logan Shasteen (b 29 Aug 1885 in OH d 13 May 1950 in Columbus, Franklin OH, b in Springbank Cemetery near Yellowbud have tombstone photo) married Edna Anna McCollister (b 16 Aug 1888 d 12 Aug 1968 b in Springbank Cemetery near Yellowbud have tombstone photo)

Viola Shasteen (b 13 Jan 1891 Ross Co., OH, d 12 Apr 1947 in Columbus, Franklin OH b in Springbank Cemetery near Yellowbud) married Robert Clayton Reynolds on 15 Feb 1911 in (b 3 Jun 1891 in Kingston, OH, d 12 Mar 1974 inb in Springbank Cemetery near Yellowbud)

Without doubt, he was named after William Henry Harrison, US President.  (February 9, 1773 – April 4, 1841) He was the ninth President of the United States (1841), an American military officer and politician, and the first president to die in office. He was 68 years, 23 days old when elected, the oldest president elected until Ronald Reagan in 1980, and last President to be born before the United States Declaration of Independence. Harrison died on his 32nd day in office[1] of complications from pneumonia, serving the shortest tenure in United States presidential history. His death sparked a brief constitutional crisis, but that crisis ultimately resolved many questions about presidential succession left unanswered by the Constitution until passage of the 25th Amendment.
Yellowbud Valley House stagecoach inn mid 1800's - Source forgotten, may have been Martha Rittenger


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