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This information source is Alan S Bias who is researching descendant's of James Byas (Bias) of Amherst County, VA and  their ancestor and progenitor of Virginia and West Virginia Bias', Byas' Byus'. James Byas is documented as living on Bear Mountain, Amherst County, VA as early as 1755/7 in an "un-indexed" Rule Order Book as James & John Bice. His sons, grandsons & great-grandsons settled in Virginia and now WV counties of: Amherst, Boone, Cabell, Lincoln, Logan, Putnam, and Wayne. His facebook link for this is - Thanks to Alan for the transcription and notes, I hate deciphering the old script!

Per the Library of Virginia website

Amherst County (Va.) County Court Records, 1771-1904. Local government records collection, Amherst County Court Records. The Library of Virginia, Richmond, Va. 23219.


Amherst County was formed from Albemarle County in 1761. Islands in the Fluvanna (now the James) River were added in 1770. The county is named for Major General Jeffery Amherst, British commander in North America during the later part of the French and Indian War and governor of Virginia from 1759-1768.


Amherst County (Va.) County Court Records, 1771-1904, consist of 13 Execution Books, 2 Chancery Rules Books, 1 Court Docket, 1 Account Book, 2 Law Process Books, 51 Fee Books, 8 Memorandum Books, 3 Law Memorandum Books, 2 Law Rules Books, 3 Process Books, 1 Witness Attendance Book, 2 Rule Dockets, 1 Order Book and one box of Executions.

Execution Books list executions sued out or pending in the sheriff's office. It shows notices of process, names of all parties, amount of judgment, date of execution, return date and sheriff's return.
Rule Books deal with orders or directions made by a court regulating court practices or the actions of parties. Rules may also refer to a session of the court.
A Docket is a brief formal record of proceedings in a court of justice; an entry of all acts in the conduct of a case, from inception to conclusion.
A Process Book describes any means used by the court of acquire or exercise jurisdiction over a person or a specific property.
A Fee Book is a volume showing the date of a duty performed by the clerk, the name of the person paying the fees, and the amount. It includes fees charged attorneys, cash accounts, and the clerk's fees in common law and chancery suits.
A Memorandum Book is used for notations of entries to be made in other books.
An Order Book is the formal, corrected transcription of the clerk's notes of the proceedings of court.

Library of Virginia Amherst County Microfilm -

Sources Transcriptions - Emphasis Added Notes
Amherst County, VA; Rule Order Book 1780.11.06, page 437.
At a Court Summoned and held for Amherst County the Sixth Day of November 1780, for the Examination of Luckey Dimond, James Shasteen, John Byas and Obed Bias, being Charged with Feloniously Stealing from John Wood Senr. one Brown Linnen Shirt [Sheet?] and Sundry other Goods. Present Ambrose Rucker, David Crawford, Gabriel Penn Sr., Benjamin Rucker Gent. Justices Note: This is the first record linking brothers John and Obediah together. Luckey Dimond was a Native woman in Amherst County, VA.
Amherst County, VA; Rule Order Book 1780.11.06, page 438.
Luckey Dimond Appeared in Court agreeable to her own Recognizance, and being Charged of the Crime aforesaid Pleaded not guilty, whereupon Divers Witnesses being Sworn and Examined and the said Luckey Dimond heard in her own Defense its the Opinion of the Court that the said Dimond is not Guilty of the Crime laid to her Charge. ---- Whereupon the said Dimond is Discharged.
James Shasteen
, John Byas and Obed Byas being bound by Recognizance in the Penalty of One Thousand Pounds Each with Benjamin Noell their Security in the Penalty of Five hundred Pounds for their Appearance at this Court to Answer the Charge aforesaid. Whereupon the said James Shasteen, John Byas and Obed Byas being Solemnly Called failing to appear and Answer the Crime laid to their Charge, The Attorney for this County is hereby Directed to Prosecute the said James Shasteen, John Byas and Obed Byas, and Benjamin Noel thier Security agreeable to Law. The Minute of this Examination was Signed Ambrose Rucker.
Note: This is the first record linking brothers John and Obediah together.
Amherst Co Rule Book 1801.12.00, page 6 On the petition of sundry Inhabitants of this County It is ordered that Ashcraft Roach, John Biass, Richard Tinsley, James Shastead & Henry Peyton or any three of them do view away for a bridle path way from John Camden's old way on Burfords road to Sallys Gap ~ on the blue ridge, and that they make report to the Court of the convienencies and the convienencies attending the same.
Note: This location needs to be further researched and not assume it is near Otter Creek and the Blue Ridge. Burford is no longer on maps, but was south of Cool Well and East of Monroe. Sallys Gap not located yet, but Sally Creek drains into lower Muddy Creek just west of Monroe.

Most probable that "Sallys" Gap is in reference to John Peter Salley's early trading post location just north of Otter Creek on today's Rt 130 - Elon Road. Roland Byas, s/o James Byas would later reside at this location near Cashaw & Rattlesnake Creeks.
Amherst County, VA; Rule Order Book 1806.06.16, page 182.
No. 484 ...Larkin Biass John Biass & James Shasteen with a Land Office Treasury Warrant No. 3960 assigned to Larkin Byas for 200 acres of land enters the said 200 acres on Fluvanna River… …between the lines of Charles Davies, Henry Davies, and Thomas Waugh.
Note: This record links brothers Larkin and Jonathan together.
Amherst County, VA; Rule Order Book 1806.07.30, page 169.
No. 324 …Larkin Bias John Bias & James Shasteen with a Treasury Warrant 3960 assigned to Larkin Bias for 200 acres of land entered the same on the Fluvanna River to include the vacant land lying between the lines of Charles Davies Henry Davies and Thos. Waugh. Warrant withdrawn...
Note: This record links brothers Larkin and Jonathan together.
Notes on Byas (Bias) Family
(for basic reference until info confirmed by descendant)
Father - James Byas (Bias) (Byers) b bef 1722 Ireland d bef 1787 Amherst Co
Mother - Elizabeth Larkin b 1725 VA  - 1832 Amherst Co VA
Son 1 Larkin 1740/59 Amherst VA -1841
Son 2 Obediah Sr 1750 Louisa Co VA -1835 Logan Co WV
Son 3 Jonathan (John) 1752 PA-1835 Amherst Co VA
Son 4 Roland (Rolen) 1767 Amherst VA-1838 Cabell VA
Source  and
From Alan James Bias/Byas b 1720-1730 d 1783/1784 Amherst Co
|     m Elizabeth b 1730-1740 d 1832 Amherst Co VA
Jonathan Bias/Byas b 1740-1750 d abt 1835 Amherst
|     |     m Mary D Polly Bryant
   |     |— James R Bias/Byas b 1789-1794 d 1878 Lincoln Co WV
   |     |— Samuel Bias b abt 1795-aft 1850
   |     |— Reuben Bias b 1805/1811d aft 1870
|     |— Sarah
   |     |— Armilda
   |     Obediah Knuckles/Nuckles Sr b avt 1790 d 1866 (Illeg. mother Belind Gue)
Larkin Bias/Byas b cir 1750 Amherst Co d abt 1841 Amhert Co
|     |     m Mary Ellen Polly Noel
|     |— Joel Bias/Byas b abt 1778 d 1868 Amherst
   |     James R Bias/Byas b aft 1780 d 1872 Amherst
   |     |     |     m Elizabeth Betsy Whitten b aft 1780 d 4 Jul 1854 Amherst
   |     |— Phoebe S Bias/Byas
   |     |— Nancy Bias/Byas b abt 1786-1795
   |     |— Lindsey Nealy Bias/Byas b abt 1786 Amherst d cir Nov 1839 Amherst
   |     |— Elizabeth Betsy Bias/Byas b abt 1800
   |     |— Mary Polly Bias/Byas b abt 1806
Obediah Bias/Byas (The Elder) b 1750-1760 Amherst Co d abt 1835 Logan Co VA
|     |     m S Sheila Polly Conley
|     |— Obediah Old Obediah Bias Sr b abt 1780-1790 WV d 1849 Boone Co WV
   |     |— Hon James Bias Esz b abt 1785/1788 Montgomery Co WV d b 1870
   |     |— John Jackie Bias b abt 1789 WV d 1860 VA
   |     |— Roland J Doublehead Bias Sr b abt 1794 Montgomery Co VA d 1785 WV
   |     |— William Bias b abt 1799 Montgomery Co VA d b Sep 1839
   |     |     m2 Lucy / Luckey Dimond Bias/Byas b bef 1765 Amherst d aft 1810
   |     |— Hyram Bias/Byas Sr b cir 1785 Amherst Co VA d 1849/1850 Rockbridge Co VA
   |     |— Elizabeth Bias/Byas b 1785/1794 Amherst
Roland Bias/Byas Sr b 1750-1760 Amherst Co VA d abt 1838 Cabell Co VA
|     |     m Nancy Jenkins
|     |— Daniel Bias b abt 1807 d abt 1896
|     |— Elizabeth Bias/Byas b 1809 d aft 1880 KS
   |     |— Ann Bias b abt 1810 Amherst Co VA
   |     |— Bennett Bias/Byus Sr b 1811 Amherst d 1896 Putnam Co VA
   |     |— John Wesley Bias b abt 1814 Amherst
   |     |— James W Bias b abt 1815 Amherst
|     |— Obediah Bias Sr b abt 1820/22 Amherst Co VA
   |     |— Toby Bias/Byas b cir 1779 Amherst Co VA d 1864 Amherst Co VA
   |     |— Nancy Bias/Byas b abt 1784-1787 Amherst
   |     |— Mary Polly Bias/Byas b abt 1786-1792 Amherst d abt 1883
   |     |— Roland Bias Jr b abt 1792 Amherst Co VA
   |     |— Jane Jennie Bias/Byas b 1792 Amherst d aft 1850
   |     |— Larkin Cornelius Bias Sr b abt 1794-1800 Amherst Co VA d aft 1880 WV
   |     |— Lucinda Bias b bef 1800
Elizabeth Bias/Byas b cir 1770 Amherst m Larkin Noel
|     m Larkin Noel
         |— Not included here


  Attempts to find warrant 3960  
  3960 appears to be John Ashby 2000 acres Fincastle Co KY
(From site)
Which when issued was VA and later became KY
Land Office Treasury Warrant 3950 Shasteen  Renny 600A 240LB March151780.jpg
Search for Virginia Patent Series Sort by Name/Description Scanned Patents VA 8159.0 Shasteen, Renney Link VA 8159.0 Patent Number
Bourbon Co on Slate Creek
Survey 8159 (This is what is to become Bourbon County KY apparently, formed 1786 from Fayette County KY, then VA)

Further Analysis & Conclusions

01. - The 1780 Luckey Dimond entries are most intriguing. All of the Shasteen's (James "Buff", James "J River" and brothers James "Pedlar" and Jesse) based on general analysis would have been in the area at this time and likely of an age that they could have been involved in this matter based on estimated years of birth and known years of marriage. Need to get estimated years of birth of John and Obed Byas to determine who they may have been most likely to hang around with.

. - The 1801 bridle path would likely be James "J River" Shasteen as he was the only one in town at that time and this appears to be near his property that he sold in 1812

. - The 1806 Treasury Warrant would initially be thought to involve the Shasteen's that went to Ohio as James "Pedlar" and Jesse Shasteen had departed and were on KY tax lists 1792/1791 whilst James "J River" Shasteen was on tax lists in Amherst through 1812. Charles Davies, Henry Davies and Thos Waugh ownership not found on the Cottrell map. By this time the Fluvanna River was commonly referred to as the James River however, so this warrant may have been from an earlier time period. Question would be to see if the Treasury Warrant 3960 might be tracked down to provide more information, specifically time period of issue.



See also:
— Using GPS coordinates, have been able to locate key parcels of land that:
1. Somewhat validate the location of the Shasteen land sold in 1812 in Amherst along the Otter creek
   2. Verifies location of Shastood 1749 grant 
   3. Somewhat verifies location of the Jesse Shasteen land sale of 1789
   4. Somewhat verifies location of John and Obed Byas involved with James Shasteen in the 1780 Luckey Dimond Rule Order Book entry


At this point, all this just points to a relationship between the John and Obed Byas and James Shasteen, but does little to clarify the relationship between the Shasteen's in that period of time. I am leaning towards their relationship being with James "JRiver" Shasteen as the relationship continued into 1806


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