El Paso, Texas July 5-7, 2002

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Friday, July 5    "Stop by and say Hello"

     The fun began. Classmates stopped by La Paloma restaurant where we got

     together to catch up on old times and see how much we've changed. It was a

     a night to get reacquainted with our high school friends.

Saturday Morning, July 6    "School Tour"
     We went to school to check out how much has changed. It had changed almost as
     much as we had!
Saturday Evening, July 6    "Main Reunion Event"
     The "Main Reunion Event" was held at the Centennial Hall on Biggs Army
     Airfield. A buffet was set up so we could eat while we socialized the evening
     away. And there was plenty of time to have a drink and chat. After dinner a few
     tasteful awards were given out. The Reunion Warehouse crew assembled each
     class for their "Class Group Photos". We wound up the evening dancing the
     rest of the night away. It was great fun and a weekend to remember!
Sunday Afternoon, July 7    "Picnic at the Park"
     Several of us went to Sunrise Park where we had lunch and visited and promised
     each other that it would not be another 10 or 15 or 40 years before we saw each
     other again!

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     Friday Night    Stop by and say Hello

     Saturday Morning    School Tour
     Saturday Night    Main Reunion Event
     Sunday Afternoon    Picnic at the Park 

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