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Welcome to my Irvin Class of '67 Reunion Site! Here you will find links to our 20, 25, and 35 year Reunions. Please have fun looking at these pictures of you and/or your former classmates, teachers, and many family members. I sincerely hope your high school memories of Irvin and these Reunions are as wonderful as mine. 
regret that I did not take pictures at our 10 year Reunion and was unable to attend our 30 year Reunion, but would love to be able to post your pictures if they exist. Also if you have pictures from the 20, 25, or 35 year Reunions that I do not have at my site, I would love to be able to add them too. If you are able to help with pictures from these events please contact me at the email address listed below.

e are all eagerly awaiting and preparing for our upcoming 40 year Class Reunion on October 18-21, 2007. Be sure to check and recheck the websites listed below for updated details and schedules. Also be sure to look at the information and pictures of the graduates of the Irvin Class of '67. If possible, help us locate more "lost" members of our class. And finally, if you check back here shortly after the Reunion in October you will be able to see pictures of you and your fellow '67 Irvinites having the Reunion of a lifetime!

Carolyn Rupert Thomas '67





  Irvin Class of '67 10 Year Reunion
* Still wanting pictures from the 1977 Reunion

Irvin Class of '67 20 Year Reunion

Irvin Class of '67 25 Year Reunion

  Irvin Class of '67 30 Year Reunion
* Still wanting pictures from the 1997 Reunion

Irvin Class of '67 35 Year Reunion

 Irvin Class of '67 40 Year Reunion 




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