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Missouri Counties -  From Census Bureau

1876 Hickory County, MO

Missouri Road Maps
Kansas City, Jackson Co., is in the top left corner
(1920-1950 W O Nelson)
Fristoe, Benton Co., is indicated by the green arrow
(1910 W J Lord)
Cross Timbers, Hickory Co., is just south
(1900-1930 J F Nelson, 1910 W O Nelson)
Lathrop, Clinton Co., is about 40 miles N NE of Kansas City
(1870, 1880 W J Lord, Nimrod Lord, 1870-1910 Thomas Warrington)
Adams township, De Kalb Co., is just north of Clinton Co.
(1900 W J Lord)

Missouri Road Maps - Fristoe, Benton Co.,
is indicated by the green arrow
(1910 W J Lord & Family)

If you blow up this map with your browser, you will be able to see Warsaw on the left, south on 85 Fristoe and further south Cross Timbers. This is where the W J Lord family of six children were raised from sometime between 1901 and 1910 until they left the home. William Joseph Lord died in Nov 1923 and apparently Willard "Uncle Pete" Lord bought the "homestead and Vera and Claude Miller lived there for some time after their marriage in 1922 until they moved up the road. In 1880 family was in Lathrop, Clinton Co-N of KC, 1883-1900 the children were born in Kidder, Caldwell Co., OH which is east of Clinton County, 1900 in Adams DeKalb Co. N of Clinton, and 1910 in Fristoe, Benton Co. S SE of KC). One of the grandchildren of William and Elizabeth Lord has the following memories.

Uncle Pete (Willard Lord ) bought the family homestead in Fristoe by Turkey Creek in southeast Benton County MO and let Claude and Vera (Lord) Miller live there. Vera, told of coming to Fristoe from Lathrop in a wagon. Mary and Bill Burns were older and never hung out much with the six cousins, Roberta and Doris Nelson, Francis "Raymond" and Betty Breibeck, and Sybil and Paul Miller. This ancestor remembered going to school in a one room schoolhouse, hanging around with the six cousins at the homestead and swimming in the creek and coming out with leeches all over. When Claude and Vera lived there, (and presumably before) it was just a log cabin with no outhouse and no toilet, the kids went out and used a favorite rock. (This would have been after 1930 or so). 

Coincidentally, my family used to vacation at Lake of the Ozarks in the late 50's an early 60's and stayed at the Thunderbird Lodge and hung around the areas of Osage Beach, Sunrise Beach, and Camdenton, with a childhood friend of my mother and her husband, Pat & Wanda. They eventually got their own place and we stayed there on the lake front. - see the right side of the map.

Indiana Counties -  From Census Bureau
Buck Creek Township, Hancock Co., IN is just east of Indianapolis
(1840-1860 Nimrod Lord & wife Nancy McCullough)
Kentucky Counties -  From Census Bureau
Thomas Warrington born in Kentucky, no info on life there
South Carolina Counties -  From Census Bureau
Nimrod Lord born in Abbeville District, Abbeville, South Carolina

1820 Census Map

South Carolina Circa 1814

Abbeville District, Abbeville County, South Carolina Circa 1820

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