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Old Saints Peter and Paul Cemetery, St. Louis, Missouri
(S. S. Peter & Paul Cemetery)

7030 Gravois Avenue St. Louis, MO 63116 Founded 1864 (314) 481-4065
Founded 1864 by Archbishop Peter R. —
Thanks to  and their volunteers for photos!

Sts. Peter and Paul Catholic Church1919 South 7th Street St. Louis, MO (314) 231-9923

Cemetery Map

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Joseph M. Wodicka (Wodischka)
(Closeup) — Sec 018 lot 0004 — 1839-1909 

wife Johanna K. Suda Wodicka (Wodischka) (Closeup) — Sec 018 lot 0004 — 1839-1910

   son William Lawrence Wodicka, Sr.  (Distance)  (Closeup) — Sec 36 lot 0590W — 1869-1944

   wife Mary T. Schwartz Wodicka  (Closeup) — Sec 36 lot 0590W — 1869-1945

      son Lawrence Paul "Samuel" Wodicka (on parents stone) — Sec 36 lot 0590W — 1897-1918 

      daughter Helen M Kraft & husband George A Kraft — Sec 36 lot 0590W — Helen M. Wodicka Kraft 1900-1999 — George A. Kraft 1901-1981

         son Robert Kraft — Sec 36 lot 0590W  — 1927-1939

John Bubla (Distance) — Sec 019 lot 0034W — 1832-1884
wife Katherina Broz Bubla — Sec 019 lot 0034W — 1835-1904 — Parents of Mary K. Bubla Heytmanek

Alex Heytmanek — Sec 013 row 31 lot 00PG No Stone— abt 1835-1872
wife Mary Swoboda Heytmanek (Wessele, second husband, cemetery)— Sec 022 Lot 0070S No Stone — 1840-1914 — Parents of William Heytmanek

Wenzel Heitmanek —
Sec 011 Lot 00PG — abt 1801-1873
wife Mary Thresia Heitmanek — Sec 009 Lot 00PG — abt 1815-1873 — Parents of Alex (1835-1872), Wenzel (1842-1916) and Theresia (1850-?)
Note: William (Wenzel) Hejtmanek 1842-1916 Death Certificate lists father as William Hejtmanek, mother as Alexandra Prinz both born Bohemia.
              Assumption is that this was the father's first wife and Mary Thresia is his second wife.
              Gravestone of Wenzel 1842-1916 and first wife Maria - close up - very close up of Maria side - Wenzel side not engraved

Above two pictures are of the main Wodicka Suda lot at the cemetery.

Mathias & "Rose" Mary Suda are in this lot (Sec 018 Lot 0004) without a stone, assumed to be to the right of the Joseph & Johanna Suda Wodicka cross on the far left.
Behind that stone to the left are their son Anton & wife Anna Suda with a flat and a low stone.
In front of that stone from left to right (Sec 018 Lot 0003W), son Frank & wife Anna Suda, his son Frank & wife Agatha Suda,
and their daughter Julia and her husband Mathias Petrik.

Gravois Road in Affton (South St. Louis County) was the first non-sectarian cemetery on Gravois Road, founded in 1921.
10180 Gravois Road, Affton, St. Louis County, MO 63123 (314) 843-2444 and 843-3113
(Need to mail in request to get location of plot!)

William Lawrence Wodicka, Jr.  — Scenic View — b 1894 d 1957 — son of William Lawrence Wodicka, Sr., & Mary T. Schwartz Wodicka
& wife Elizabeth Rose Heytman Wodicka— b 1896 d 1979 — daughter of William Heytmanek & Mary K. Bubla Heytmanek

William (Wenzel) Heytmanek (Distance) — b 1861 d 1941
   & wife Mary K. Bubla Heytmanek — b 1870d 1945
      Parents of Elizabeth Rose Heytman Wodicka — b 1896 d 1979

Comments about the Heytman name — Many variations occur for all names due to the varieties of languages and backgrounds and literacy of the people of the time. The

     HEYTMAN name evolved and these are some of the variations and where they were encountered:
     HEITMANEK - 1862 immigration of Alex
     HEIDTMANEK - 1867 immigration of Wenzel the father and Wenzel the son and families
     HIDMANICK - 1870 census for Alex, Wenzel, their families and mother
     HETMANIAK - 1872 death record for Alex
     HETMANEK - 1872 cemetery spelling for Alex
     HEJTMANEK - 1900 census, 1916 cemetery and death certificate spelling for William
     HEJTAMANEK - 1916 Missouri Death Certificate Database spelling for William


Interesting Maps Pertaining to Austria, Bohemia, and the General Area
Use Vienna (Wien), Pilsen, Prague, Dresden and Berlin for orientation

1811 French Empire includes Austrian Empire

Bohemia proper outlined in Pink, Moravia in Yellow, and Austrian Silesia in Orange - Year not known


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